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About the Association

The Barbados Alzheimer's Association was established to raise the awareness of Alzheimer's by Barbadian residents and citizens. It maintains this focus through among other things: sourcing and disseminating medical information concerning Alzheimer’s disease; and establishing and providing support services. It was registered as a company in November 2002 and established as a charitable organization on November 2 2007.

The vision and mission of the BAA is supported by its almost 100 members, numerous partners and a dedicated executive body.

Welcome from the President


Under the leadership of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), the Barbados Alzheimer’s Association has worked tirelessly to educate the people of Barbados on the subject of Dementia.


Since its first documented diagnosis Dementia (Alzheimer’s) has become a global phenomenon which touches individuals, communities, cooperate organisations, nongovernmental organisations, and governments. We have been pushing forward to find solutions for people suffering from Dementia, and to assist their families and caregivers.


Our challenges are daunting, but we cannot accept that change for people suffering from Dementia and their caregivers is not possible. We know that people who suffer from Dementia and their caregivers can live productive lives as long as the proper support and services are in place to meet their needs.


Society on the whole has a responsibility to reach out to all people who has Dementia, knowing that this disease is “Everybody’s business”.



  • Mr. Milton Pierce

  • Dr. Sean Marquez

  • Mrs. Greta Young


The Executive Body

  • President: Ms. Pamelia Brereton 

  • Treasurer: Mr. Ronald Wilkinson 

  • Vice President : Dr. Ermine Belle

  • Public Relations : Mr. Cyril Burke

  • Secretary :Ms. Jackie Walcott

  • Ms. Kiala Branch

  • Rev Peter Boxill


Medical Advisors

  • Dr. Ermine Belle (Psychiatrist)

  • Dr. Ambrose Ramsay (Geriatrician)

  • Dr. Sean Marquez (Neurologist)


Legal Representation

  • Mr. Milton Pierce QC

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